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Pricing of Elliot's Butterworms selling butterworms for petfood and fishing bait

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butterworms Elliot's Butterworms butterworm

Your source for fresh and affordable butterworms

Butterworm sizes


New large shipment arrived  September 4th  2014! 


****Shipments of 1000 or more Butterworms will be shipped Fedex Next-day****

Our normal shipping dates are Monday through Wednesday.

In Warm or Very Cold Climates:  We will not be offering a live arrival guarantee unless orders are sent to be held for pick up at a Post Office or at a UPS terminal.  If you want them held at your local post office for you to pick up (any time of year)  please add this to the comment section.  The package will then be addressed to your post office, with a note "hold for pickup".  That way the postal clerks will hold the package at the post office rather than sending it out for delivery.