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Your source for fresh and affordable butterworms


New shipment arrived directly from Chile
September 4th 2014

We have returned from the biannual conference.  Regular shipping resumes Monday September 29th.

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butterwormsThe Tebo worm, or Butterworm as it is commonly called, is the larval stage of the Chilean moth (Chilecomadia Moorei). The worms are found in their natural habitat; the Tebo trees (Trevoa Trinervis) in Chilė, and are picked by hand with minimal impact to the ecological balance of the area. The Tebo worm is excellent bait and a very nutritious pet food that is growing in popularity around the world.



Our worms are guaranteed fresh and guaranteed live delivery.  They will stay plump and alive in your refrigerator for about 3-4 months without food or water.  Just be sure to keep their substrate dry if it should become moist.

Our prices are about the lowest in the industry.  If you already use silkworms or hornworms you will definitely want to consider adding butterworms to your feeder options.

"My customers love your butterworms :) They are fresh, fat, and healthy!"  Amy, pet store owner.

"those worms you sent me are perch magnets.  I caught one on Saturday (bad weather) and 4 yesterday (nicer weather).  I imagine results will be even better as the water warms up.  Thanks!"  Jeff

"I have watched other fishermen fish over trout in a hole with no luck.  I have then cast butterworms in the [same] hole and the trout will bite immediately.  Love em!!!!!!!! Last year I caught 1174 trout."  Louis

"I'll never forget the very first time I ever used Butterworms fishing.  I caught  a 23" Rainbow trout and a 22" Golden trout within 10 minutes of arriving at the local fishing hole!"

butterworms butterworm butterworm butterworms
Hassle-free storage:

No worm food to mess with, no tricky handling, no bad odors.  Storage: simply store the worms in the refrigerator (42-45 Fahrenheit).  At these temperatures the worm enters a state of hibernation and won’t require any food or water for at least 3-4 months.

As Bait: 

The Tebo worm has long been used by fishermen and is excellent bait for use in all freshwater fishing. The worm is very tolerant of extreme cold temperatures making it great bait for Northern Hemisphere waters

great for trout!great for trout!great for trout!

As Exotic Pet Food:

The Tebo worm is a natural food source in the local ecology and is a great source of calcium and high in protein for reptiles, birds and fish.  Also the worm is soft bodied making it a very easily digested meal.